Performance, Voice & Acting Coaching

ONLINE acting coach – performance and voice coaching for actors, business people and individuals worldwide with Quintin Norris LLAM MSTAT.

Develop Your Presence

One of London’s Best Acting Coaches, Quintin Norris has over 30 years experience as an actor, director, teacher and coach.  He specialises in helping people from all walks of life to develop presence, poise and confidence.

With online coaching Quintin can work with you wherever you are, to develop your confidence, find your voice and improve the way you speak, perform, move and connect with others.

Acting Coaching

Coaching for actors and students

Preparing for performances, auditions and drama school.  Finding your authentic voice, connecting with the piece and your audience, improving presence and delivery so that you make the best impact that you can, on stage and in life.

Business Performance

Coaching for business people and professionals

Developing your presence at work, preparing for public speaking or other performance, improving your confidence and ability to make an impact at the highest level.

Personal Development

Coaching for individual self development

Growing in your self-awareness, increasing your confidence and connection with yourself and others.  Meeting specific speech challenges, improving English pronunciation and elocution.

“One of my greatest joys is helping people find that connection within themselves and with others that enables them to reach their true potential and better move towards their goals – whether that be landing an acting role or place at drama school, giving a public presentation or leading a team in business, overcoming shyness or a speech difficulty.  There are so many ways that working with how you use your voice and body can be so transformative.

And now, with the magic of the internet, I get to do it all over the world!”

Quintin is able to offer tailored individual support and guidance based on a unique combination of experience gained over the last 30 years as an actor, director, coach and Teacher of the Alexander Technique.

How does online coaching work?

You will work 1-to-1 with me via Facetime or Skype, usually in sessions that last 50 minutes

Flexible appointments to suit your lifestyle


Coaching tailored to your individual goals


Troubleshooting particular issues OR longer term development


Active participation to work on long-standing habits


Different quality of attention with 1-to-1 online coaching that has many advantages



“Preparing to audition for drama school I was unsure about online coaching, but now feel that it suits very well. Quintin has a huge understanding, is very focused and practical and really helped me get to the heart of the pieces and make that all important connection.”

Sam Benthall

Student Actor

“Success in my working life has always been tinged with a dread of public speaking that I could no longer avoid.  I feel very lucky to have been recommended working with Quintin; he has worked with me very practically to strengthen my voice, engage with what I am delivering and better connect with my audience.  My colleagues in the office have noticed the difference as well.”

Ted Howden

Operations Director

“I have learned such a lot about my habits of speech and movement and my  confidence has improved immeasurably.  Quintin has a genuine love of working with people and a very engaging manner!”

Stephanie Cardle

Solicitor and p/t Musician

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